Mission High
1970s, 1980s Mission High School, San Francisco

About us

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Mission High School

Mission is located in front of the beautiful Dolores Park where the neighborhoods of the Mission, Noe Valley, and the Castro meet. The campus is accessible from all parts of the City with its central location. We instill positive social values, acceptance, and an appreciation for the diversity represented at Mission. Our academic focus school-wide is aimed at preparing ALL of our students for college and careers with rigorous courses including a rich array of AP and honors courses.

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My name is Wilfredo Alvarez Lopez I am a mission high school student I really like technology and I started to have an interest in web pages when I was 14 years old but I was finally able to have a better understanding of web pages thanks to mission bit for a very successful course Together with some fabulous teachers and classmates it was a very difficult challenge but very fun because I had a really fun time designing because one of my favorite parts was that people thought I was a hacker because they looked at many codes it was very fun I highly recommend it.

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Being in Mission Bit was such a good experience and a warm welcome to the program. I say it was worth staying after-school to know more about Web Design and i have learned so much and I'm thankful about everything. I'm hoping this program remainds steady so in the future I can give resources in order for Mission Bit to grow more and not just California but all over the world. Free coding classes is something you don't see very often, some have strings attached and some are just sketchy only to steal your money.

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Iver Thorndal

My name is Iver Thorndal, and I am part of Mission Bit's Web Design class. This class has given me the tools I need to design and compose meaningful websites using the coding languages HTML and CSS. One big takeaway I got from this class is to always ask questions. It can be hard to learn new things at times, but persistence is key and anything is possible when you put your mind to it! Taking this class has inspired me to continue pursuing technology to shape the future of our world. I go to college in Fall of 2023 to work towards a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, and I am excited to create more systems that make life easier and push humanity forward.

Our experience

One of the many things that we like about the program is being able to visit the Twitch offices. It was very interesting to see how the offices work and how cool the break rooms were. Not all programs provide you with such a wide variety of experiences in a short amount of time as Mission Bit did, and it was very entertaining. We would like others to spread the word about Mission Bit. Mission Bit has a lot of options you can choose from. They are also available to help you with college decisions.

Challenges we came a cross while working together

Something that was challenge for Willy was making the Tips Page he was struggling to achieve something that was necessary to do in order to make it be mroe responsive and Profesional looking, such as: Learn More function Button and was able to achieve thanks to YouTube and Well Ver Pasamic (our Teacher). Looking upon the College Page and how neat and simple it is, the creator of the page had a lot of challenges while making the layout and organizing, Iver Thorndal


Why is teaming important...

Teamwork is essential because it can help us seek more ideas regarding the project. One reason we were able to build this website from scratch was through teamwork. We would gather in the library at our school "Mission High School" every day at lunch and come up with innovative ideas so that we can use that and put it on the website. Opinions. Something that was really meaningful was having to listen to other people's views, reinforcing our main idea about college.

Thanks to

Who has been helping us understand more about each of the elements required in order to make a functioning website and also who's always been there when we needed them.

Ver Pasamic

Ver did an amazing good job at teaching us Web Design and i know Web Design is difficult to teach because of all the elements there is and so on. When we were having troubles at trying to make our code work and it didn't work, he was always trying to figure the problem and solve it by showing what the problem was.

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Miguel Galván

Miguel has shown he cares about Mission Bit, whenever he can he is always there with us trying to help us in every way possible. Often giving us food and always making us stay focus all the times.